3 Ways to Promote Diversity at Home


  • Ask Questions – Some youth may think you cannot ask questions or it is rude to say certain things. Teach youth how to ask sensitively and in an appropriate manner. This will give them opportunities to ask questions and learn about diversity without insulting someone. 
  • Share ways they are differentMany times we are punished for being different which lowers our self-esteem. We should embrace and share with the next person how we are different and strengths that we have. Allowing time to share these qualities will give them confidence to open up as well as be accepting to qualities others may have. 
  • Set a Good ExampleYouth are always watching and listening to what goes on around them. We all have to be mindful of the things we say and how we respond to everyday situations. They follow by example, so we have to assure we are showing them how to be positive, supportive, and open-minded.  



3 Ways to Promote Diversity in the Community  


  • Create a Sense of BelongingMake sure that you welcome new people to the community through events that bring people together to make them feel included. This can be done through a small gathering or an event that allows them to be vocal about their beliefs.
  • Learn/ Educate Knowledge is power. If you learn about someone’s background or their differences, you are better prepared on how you can support them. Taking time to learn about someone can make them feel valued and included. 
  • Break StereotypesOften times we make judgement before getting to know someone. Truth is, everyone is different. Instead of making assumptions, just get to know people with an open mind and not the labels that society has placed on individuals.