Quotes from Kids “What does it mean to be accepting of people?”
Justin, 9- “Kindness.”
Sarah, 10- “To accept people how they are and not try to change them”
Lucas, 10-”To not exclude people or be mean”
Nate, 11- “Acceptance means that you’re being accepted into something and they aren’t judging you by anything. They are kind & they are not rude.”
Andrea, 7- “I think it means to say nice things like she’s nice, i really accept her”
Gabriel, 7- “To be kind and allow them to play with your stuff”
Jacob, 8- “Accepting means you’re including people in their games”
Jordan, 8- “To be kind to them and to not make fun of them. And you can help them up if they fall. You can be their friend if they don’t have any friends”

Quotes from Kids “How can we be open minded to other peoples’ differences?”
Nate, 10- “Accept everybody even if they have a different color skin or are a different gender or if they smell funny”
Brayden, 8- “Be their friends”
Ria, 8- “You can play with them, if someones being mean to them then you could make them feel better and be their friend”
Andrea, 7- “Welcome them and say “do you want to play with me” and show them around school and help them with their work sometimes”
Gabriel, 7- “Don’t care if their skin is different than everyone else”
Jacob, 8- “We can compliment them and not dismiss them”
Jordan, 8- “Not make fun of them, say they look nice”