Why is Inclusivity Important? 

As a professional, it is important to have an atmosphere that is open and welcoming to all. You want people to feel included and appreciated no matter the background they came from. When you have diversity and inclusion in one setting, it promotes a variety of benefits including: acceptance, equal opportunity, and development on a broader range. This prepares people for life in the community such as school and/or workplace. Overall, this allows for greater personal development. 

Though there are many benefits of diversity and inclusion, some of the top ones include: 


  • Empowerment Making sure you have an atmosphere that is open and welcoming gives others the opportunity to do their best because their voice is heard and valued. 
  • Nurtures Social Coherence – Being able to share and grow with individuals that have the same interests or values to help one’s well being, give a sense of belonging, and promoting trust. 
  • Personal Growth and DevelopmentThrough the process of learning, individuals are more aware of the differences they can find in people. They are able to bond and educate themselves through others culture and experiences, as well as gain skills they are exposed to.