It’s okay that everyone has differences, that’s what makes us all special. Here’s some ways that kids can help be accepting of others!

  • Be Kind to Everyone- It is so important to remember that we have to be kind to everyone, not only our friends. It does not matter what the color of someone’s skin is or if they think a little differently, or if they speak a different language, we need to respect everyone. The cardinal rule: do unto others as you would want done onto yourself. This means that you should treat others how you want to be treated. 
  • Include OthersIt is also important to include others. This means to let them sit with you, talk to you & play games with you and your friends. 
  • Stand Up if You See SomethingIt is just as important to stand up for someone who is getting bullied as it is to be kind. Even if you don’t want to stand up to the bully, telling an adult what happened can be so helpful for the adults to be able to do something about it. So, always tell an adult if you see something that you think is bullying. 
  • Stand Up if You Hear Something– We can also say something if we hear something. Bullying doesn’t have to be something you see; it can also be something you hear. You can hear someone talking about somebody else or about another culture, religion or language. You might also hear people try to make jokes that can make fun of people who are different. Always tell an adult if you hear something that sounds like it is mean to somebody else.
  • Read Books about Diversity- There are hundreds of books about other cultures, religions, countries, exceptional development, and different family types. There are even books that you can read in two languages! Reading books is a great way to learn more about other people. It can help you think about differences between you and people you know or you can think about how you are different from people all over the world.